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A Good Divorce?

  • Is divorce a happy time? No.
  • But need it be a time of misery, anger, hostility and fear? No.
  • Must children be swept into the middle of parental conflict? No.
  • Can attorney combat and litigation be completely avoided? Yes.
  • Can costs be kept to a minimum? Yes
  • Can agreements be completed in just a few months? Yes.
How? You and your spouse can:
  • meet with a Center mediator in a neutral, peaceful setting
  • be given a structure to discuss all questions that must be addressed
  • set your own timetable
  • keep all matters private and dignified
  • maintain control over your decisions
 Is a good divorce possible? Maybe so.

Divorce mediation through the Center offers:
  • A safe, private and peaceful setting.
  • A level playing field.  Even those who believe at the outset that there negotiation skills are no match for their partner or who feel emotionally fragile, quickly discover that a skilled attorney/mediator can create a comfortable balance between the parties.
  • Reduced tension and conflict for parents and children.
  • Avoidance of public disclosure of personal issues.
  • Less time and money spent.