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What Can Be Mediated?  

  • Pre-decree.  Cases can be mediated from beginning to end.  Divorce or dissolution.
  • Impasse.  Mediation can be used to resolve cases that are already in Court.
  • Post-decree. New issues that arise after the case is over can be mediated.
  • Blended family problems.  All involved parties can engage in mediation.
  • Multi-generation disputes.  Mediation can address problems among relatives and care of elderly parents.
  • Marital issues. Parties seeking to preserve their marriage can mediate specific issues, usually financial. This is not marital therapy.   
  • Unmarried parents. Mediation can resolve Juvenile Court issues of custody, parenting-time, and child support.
  • Adoption issues. Mediation can resolve issues arising between biological-parents, step-parents, adoptive-parents, and relatives.